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Juneau Nature - Natural & cultural history of Juneau & Southeast Alaska

Research reports

Research reports by Discovery Southeast:

Hotspots: Bird survey of Mendenhall Wetlands.

From 2002 through 2003, Bob Armstrong, Mary Willson and Richard Carstensen studied bird concentrations on Mendenhall Wetlands. This technical report was a precursor to our later 2009 publication The Mendenhall Wetlands: a globally recognized Important Bird Area, described and downloadable here. But for the serious naturalist and birder, there is much in the earlier Hotspots report that we did not include in the 2009 distillation. For example, our bird checklist in Hotspots shows measured weekly abundance changes, rather than monthly as in the IBA book.

Hotspots is a 6 meg pdf:

pdf-logo armstrong-hotspots-04


In 2003, Carstensen, Armstrong and Willson studied amphibian habitats of northern Southeast Alaska under contract with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (6 megs):

pdf-logo amphib-03


In 2003, Carstensen reported to the Southeast Alaska Land Trust on implications of glacial rebound on Mendenhhall Wetlands (2 megs):

pdf-logo accretion-04


We believe this is the most intensively ground-truthed vegetation map for an estuary in Southeast Alaska


In 2003, Carstensen and Hocker reported to the Southeast Alaska Land Trust on habitats and wildlife use of glacially-rebounding valleys from 25 to 28-mile, Glacier Highway. We call this area Risen Valleys, and our report was entitled Wildlife out-the-road (4 megs):

pdf-logo risen-valleys-03


In 2004  Carstensen & Hocker began a 2-year repeat photography study for USFS/State & Private Forestry. Our report for year-1 was a poster (1 meg):

pdf-logo repeatphotosposter


In 2005  Carstensen & Hocker completed the 2-year repeat photography study and submitted 3 reports. One was on aerial oblique photos (5.3 megs):

pdf-logo repeatphotos2005_part1


Another was on ground-photos at Haines & Skagway (5.9 megs):

pdf-logo repeatphotos2005_part2


And the third was our final report, detailing methods useful to others who may wish to retake historical photographs. This has been extensively updated to reflect continued repeat photography and technological advances since our project officially ended in 2005. (6 megs)

pdf-logo repeatphotosreport


In 2013, Carstensen prepared a historical series of maps & air photos for the Gold Creek waterfront, for CBJ planners in connection with the proposed Seawalk development (4 megs).

pdf-logo goldcreekseries2013


In 2009, Bob Armstrong,  Richard Carstensen, Mary Willson and Marge Hermans published a book on the newly established Mendenhall Wetlands Important Bird Area. This is a more reader-friendly version of the earlier, more technical Hotspots Report listed above. (6 megs):

pdf-logo armstrong-et-al-mendenhall-IBA-2009