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Natural & cultural history of Juneau & Southeast Alaska

Juneau Nature - Natural & cultural history of Juneau & Southeast Alaska


Discoveries: News and views from Discovery Southeast

We began writing Discoveries in 1995. Then-director Susan Goes created the first Pagemaker template, and we were off! Although initially conceived as a quarterly, quality has since been deemed higher priority than quantity or frequency. Over the years, Discovery naturalists Kathy Hocker, Steve Merli and I have traded off writing the feature articles.

Richard Carstensen, naturalist, Discovery Southeast

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From recent to ‘historic’:
 Winter 2013: Backtracking: Discovery’s past and future (RC) – The newest edition of Common tracks of Southeast Alaska, along with a multimedia edition of Discoveries

 Fall 2011: Recording nature: Field journaling as Raven goes global (RC) – Thoughts on nature journaling and the influence of new technology.

 Spring 2011Geology and life: Connections between the living and non-living world (RC) – Landforms, watersheds, bedrock, glacial till – how do non-living factors shape and interact with Southeast Alaskan flora and fauna?

Spring 2007American Dippers: Songsters by the streams (Mary Willson) – The dipper is an indicator of stream quality. Includes findings from the Juneau Dipper Study: nesting habits and winter activity.

Winter 2006Sitka Deer: Thoughts and field notes (RC) – Observations on habitat creation, stotting, buck groups, wariness of bucks and does.

Fall 2006Priming the Pump: Socratic Method in the field and in print (RC) – Inviting audiences to participate in naturalist interpretation, with forest-history puzzlers for readers.

Fall 2004: Nexus: Estuaries of Southeast Alaska (RC) – Thoughts on the importance of our stream- and river mouths.

Summer 2003  Risen Valleys: Wildlands ‘out the road.’  Kathy Hocker’s summary of our study for Southeast Alaska Land Trust in the area between Amalga Harbor and Eagle River. Also a reflection by Kathy on dogs outdoors.

Fall 2001  Off trail. By Discovery naturalist Steve Merli. Why leave the trail with students?

Summer 2001  Gold Creek solstice: field notes from the crest of the year. Intersection of digital photography and sketching.

Fall 1999  No Name Bay and other misnomers. The story behind place names in Southeast Alaska.

 Fall 1998 The art of noticing. Kathy Hocker on ways to observe nature through art.