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Natural & cultural history of Juneau & Southeast Alaska

Juneau Nature - Natural & cultural history of Juneau & Southeast Alaska

Journals, essays, scoping documents

Journals, essays, scoping documents

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[RC:] This section assembles into one list those rather informal documents that are ‘shelved’ in the appropriate section of JuneauNature: either NATURE, CULTURE, TOOLS, or PLACES. Journals are typically the daily record of observations on consulting or teaching trips, or excursions just ‘for fun.’ (Too a naturalist, there isn’t much difference; most of my $-gigs are just as fun as my vacations.) Scoping documents are also mostly filed in PLACES, but don’t reflect a particular visit to that site. Essays, manuals, fact-sheets are a potpourri of mostly somewhat briefer how-to guides, summary papers, etc.

Because one objective of this page is to give you a better sense of the logic (such as it is) and hierarchies of JuneauNature, clicking each link below takes you first to its location on this site, where there is often background information on the document. From that location, you can download the pdf.


Xutsnoowú cruise Friends of Admiralty.  May 2015. Whale-watch, cultural sites, bathymetry.

Kaxdigoowu Héen: Three days on clear water. July, 2013. Notes from a teachers’ workshop.

Scoping documents

Northern Baranof Island: past, present and future. 2007. Field survey and landscape analysis.

Tsaa T’ei Héen, behind the seal water (Admiralty Cove). update, 2015. Central village prior to the one at Auke Rec.

Eagle Beach maps & historical series. 2008. From my 12 years as caretaker, followed by GIS analysis.

Essays, manuals, fact-sheets

Bushwacker’s difficulty rating. 2015. More utility than just bragging rights.

Multiple pathways to old growth. 2007. Accompanies succession slide-show in the Ecology 101 section.

Ground-truthing technology for field & office. 2015. Evolving tech-recipes from a decade of documenting places.