Juneau Nature

Natural & cultural history of Juneau & Southeast Alaska

Juneau Nature - Natural & cultural history of Juneau & Southeast Alaska


Levels in this natural history section may be accessed either through drop-down menus from the running header, the sidebar on right, or below, by clicking. Only linked–green–titles have content at this time:

Geology  Abiotic foundations

Bedrock geology  Rock type influences landform and what lives on it

Surficial geology ‘Flesh’ atop the ‘bones’ of bedrock geology

Glacial history  Last ~20,000 years, since great ice age when Juneau lay under a mile of ice

Glacial rebound  Understanding coastal features in northern Southeast

Habitats  Terrestrial, fresh-water aquatic & coastal natural communities

Terrestrial  Forests and wetlands

Forests  Conifer and deciduous forest types

Wetlands  Bogs, fens, wet meadows

High country  Alpine and subalpine habitats

Aquatic  Streams, rivers, ponds, lakes

        Moving water  streams and rivers

        Still water   Ponds and lakes

Coastal  The land-sea interface

Intertidal beaches  Classified by substrate composition

Estuaries  Where streams and rivers meet the sea

Bare tideflat  Below the outermost vascular plant communities

Salt marsh  Vascular community, upper intertidal

Uplift meadows & parkland  Raised former tideland

Ecology 101  Broad conceptual topics

Succession  How natural communities change over time

Phenology  The annual cycle

Trophics  Who eats who? Southeast food pyramids

Landscape ecology  Thinking like a mountain; biogeography

Productivity  Bread baskets & banks

Life span  Overlooked elders

Resilience vs fragility  Devotion to the future

Newcomers  Invasive species

Critters  Notes & descriptions for Southeast fish and wildlife

Mammals  Selected species

Rodents  Our largest mammal order

Hooved  Cervids & bovids

Sitka black-tailed deer  The peace-maker

Moose  Emissary from interior

Mountain goat  The overseer

Carnivores  Order of blood-letters

Mustelids  Weasel sisters: our largest carnivore family

Ursids  Keeping us honest

Canids  The hunter’s mentor

Marine mammals  Fat of the sea

Birds  Selected species


Great blue heron



Other landbirds

Bald eagle

Amphibians  The pond dwellers

Western toad  Mysterious declines

Fish  Selected fresh and saltwater species

Salmonids  Manna of the Northwest

Groundfish  Older than us

Invertebrates  Selected terrestrial and marine inverts